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This site is not intended to dispense professional advice. Authors on this site are neither qualified or trained to do so. All information that isn’t linked to a professional source merely comes from the author’s own experience as someone living with Social Anxiety.

Devoted To – Fighting The Stigma

One of the most highly stigmatized conditions around the world is mental illness. We go to the doctor when we have a fever or an injury, but we hide in shame if our mind isn’t operating optimally.

Devoted To – Avoiding A Life Of Avoidance

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), just one of the slew of countless forms of anxiety that millions of people struggle with every day, causes people to avoid important life moments, leaving them feeling isolated and alone.

Devoted To – Motherhood

On the daily, any woman with social anxiety who is also a mother must wage war on her disorder in order to set a positive example for her children and give them the opportunity to blossom into beautiful adults.

Devoted To – Our Community

Misfit Motherhood is about giving socially anxious moms, or “Saxy moms”, a place to commiserate together, to find strength, and to be inspired. Here you’ll find blog posts that poke fun at social anxiety through personal anecdotes, links to professional advice and research, and reviews on products aimed to help ease the mind, among other useful information.
I hope you enjoy, and if I can make this site any better in any way, please keep in touch! 
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