Honk! Honk!

We are on our way down to the beach, rolling along the pavement in the midst of a thousand other cars, RVs, and trucks. My minivan is packed with six people, four of which who are 16 years old or under.

My twelve year old behind me knows that our youngest loves trucks so she tries to get his attention, “Hey look at the truck next to us!” My husband keeps our van in pace with the tractor-trailer and tells the kids to roll down the window and start pumping their arms in that international symbol that says “Hey honk your horn, please!”

I always love and hate these kind of moments. I love that my kids, if their lucky, are about to experience the power of the “Hey honk your horn” arm. But, I’m nervous the trucker will look at us, laugh, and just keep on driving.

Sure enough, when my kids pumped their arms with big smiles on their faces, the trucker noticed them and a big smile spread across his face. He blasted that horn so loudly the kids giggled in delight!

In fact, every time we have ever gotten a trucker’s attention, they have always honked their horn for us. It was a teeny little reminder for me, of the many throughout a typical day to just go for it. It’s much more fun than sitting on the sidelines wishing you had.

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