Finding Your Walter Mitty

One of my go-to movies, you know – the feel good kind, is The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.

If you haven’t seen it, Walter is a deeply moving character who lives the life of a wallflower. He is a wallflower both personally and in his job as photo developer at LIFE magazine.

Walter repeatedly finds himself in loops of daydreams. These daydreams take him to the far off places he only sees in the exotically enriching photos he curates. While his actual life is filled with an endless hamster wheel of listless routine.

It’s upon the announcement that LIFE is coming to an end, an antagonistic mocking new boss, a compassionate potential love interest, and a mysterious missing piece of undeveloped film that sends Walter Mitty on a journey that forces him to face fear and break free from the binds of anxiety and insecurity.

facing fear, secret life of walter mitty, social anxiety
facing fear, secret life of walter mitty, social anxiety

Where Is Your Walter?

From beginning to end, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty brought us along a journey of self discovery through by exploring the issues of anxiety, fear, courage, and love in just a couple of hours. For many, Walter Mitty was a pleasantly quirky movie with an endearing message.

But, for someone like me who lives with social anxiety, and struggles to face fear, Walter Mitty reached in and played a symphony on my heart strings, gripping tightly onto my most coveted vulnerabilities.

For me, Walter Mitty lives within me. He is not all of me, but he is at least one very important piece. He is who I’m afraid of being. He is who I love. And he is what someday, I’d like to be. While I cannot miraculously transform in the span of a couple hours like Walter did. I can use this movie to remind me that while the struggle against social anxiety is all too real, to truly live, I must strive to face fear.

Becoming Walter

I can become the Walter before. Or I can choose to be the Walter after. I choose the latter. Until then, I will continue to put one foot in front of the other. I will continue to learn about social anxiety. I’ll discover how it has shaped and LIMITED my life thus far. And, I will commit to adopting the tools I need to rule it instead of letting it rule me.


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