Meetings, And Meetups, And Phone Calls… Oh My!

When you’re working, you live in a routine of making calls, attending meetings, and conversing with people in your professional world on the daily. You don’t much think about how easy it is. You may take for granted the fact that you’ve worked with these people for years, making them as easy to talk to as the family in your own home.

Then one day, you and your partner make the decision for you to stay home with the kids. It doesn’t happen immediately, but slowly and silently vague anxiety begins to creep into your life, oozing into the divide between you and the rest of the world. Before you know it, a year has passed by and the full realization that your social comfort zone is lost forever comes crashing down on you.

Attending a PTA meeting or an assembly at school suddenly feels like a mental mountain climb, getting to know other moms in the community sends you into a skin-crawling panic, and phoning up the electrician to fix an issue in your lighting sends turns your armpits on full-sweat mode.

For many of us with social anxiety, the littlest things become the hardest battles. The fight against isolating oneself is only slightly more worth it than just giving up and settling into being alone.

The little ones we’re raising inspire us to keep pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones, to show them the importance of community and friendship, to lead by example.

So for all of you reading who can relate even just a little with this post, keep up the good fight. Push forward, and fight to be social!


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