A Saxy Mom’s Top 5 Ways To Beat The Week

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Friday is the best day of the week, hands down. At least, many of us socially anxious moms, aka Saxy, think so. We’ve done our best to reduce social anxiety throughout the week, and we’re exhausted!

Hail To The Weekend

The weekend brings a much needed reprieve from all of the preschool pickups, nervous small talk with people while you’re out and about, and fretting over all the details that you must not forget at the week unfolds.

Friday means your kids and your partner are together with you snug in your comfort zone of your own home. You can completely be yourself and not fuss over whether all the words came out right or whether or not you sounded like a complete moron.

Sunday Jitters

Friday flies by, and Saturday seems to slide by even more quickly. Then you arrive with a screech into Sunday afternoon, and that familiar dread starts to creep over you, slowly moving from head to toe. It’s the Monday morning dread, otherwise known as Misfit Motherhood Monday.

If Friday is the best day of the week, Monday is the worst. Why? Because you’ve got to put your big girl panties on and push yourself back out of that comfort zone. Put on that smile, and try as hard as you can to not appear like a complete spaz attack to the people that comprise the world around you. You’ve got to find a way to reduce your social anxiety.

Managing Monday

Sure, you could just throw your hands up and retreat back into your comfort zone. But you’ve been there before, and it sucks. The isolation and loneliness is just not worth not pushing yourself to be social.

Mondays may be hard, but they are totally doable. And, the good news is once you get past Monday, the rest of the days are not nearly as hard to handle as you remind yourself just how capable you are of living on the edge of normalcy.

MedicalNewsToday has a handy list of tips for you to use on a Sunday afternoon as you’re mentally preparing yourself for the week, or to use throughout the week as you battle to reduce social anxiety, and win:

  1. Exercise – Research has shown the many benefits of exercise, including burning off anxious energy.
  2. Meditation – Whether you’re meditating for a few minutes, or practicing some serious mindfulness training, meditation is a great way to provide some temporary relief to a very occupied mind.
  3. Relaxation Exercises – Muscles can get pretty tense due to stress and anxiety. Relaxation exercises can help you relax your jaw, your back, and other areas of tension.
  4. Writing – Journaling and similar forms of creative writing can help ease the symptoms of anxiety through self expression
  5. Time Management Strategies – Knowing what you’re doing when can help you prepare properly and minimize extra anxiety that can hang around disorganized thoughts Whether it’s through bullet journaling or utilizing a smartphone calendar with precision, a little clarity into your day can go a long way.

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