This Shrinking Violet Is Fighting To Bloom

The Violet In The Field When I realized one of my favorite singers would be in my area this summer at FloydFest, I jumped at the chance. I hadn’t been to a concert in nearly a decade. But, this was no ordinary venue, and Tyler Childers is no ordinary artist. Continue Reading


Letting Go Of Separation Anxiety

And What To Do If It Becomes A Disorder The door opened and up the stairs trudged Mom with the little preschooler in her arms. She’d make him walk, but then they wouldn’t have made it this far if she had. Buried into her neck, Mom could feel the wetness Continue Reading

A Birthday Party Survival Guide For The Socially Anxious Mom

For most moms, a year does not pass without receiving at least a handful of birthday party invitations. Upon receipt of said invitation, the kids virtually swell up with excitement anticipating the big event. And why wouldn’t they? These two-hours of cake-filled playtime chaos is enough to send any kid Continue Reading

Boy, You Are One SAXy Mom

No, that wasn’t a typo. SAXy moms are more abundant than ever before. We subject ourselves to the pressures of a highly competitive culture that entrenches ourselves in perfectionism and materialism. You can’t throw a stone without hitting a SAXy mom, dad, woman, or man for that matter. That’s because Continue Reading

Going Head To Head With Anxiety: a companion’s guide

Socializing is not what most moms with social anxiety would call their top priority. But, there are times when they know it’s necessary – necessary for their kids, necessary for their significant others, and necessary for their own mental health. These are the times effective coping with social anxiety must Continue Reading

Avoidance Got The Best Of Me

I’m posting again after avoiding my blog for nearly five months. I can say my other freelance writing work got in the way. I can blame it on my family obligations, too. But, the truth is I freaked out, and practiced some major avoidance. Blogging can be a scary thing, Continue Reading

Honk! Honk!

We are on our way down to the beach, rolling along the pavement in the midst of a thousand other cars, RVs, and trucks. My minivan is packed with six people, four of which who are 16 years old or under. My twelve year old behind me knows that our Continue Reading

Roller Coaster Panic Attack Compassion

A few months ago I took my daughter to DisneyWorld for her sixteenth birthday. She, like me, is a huge roller coaster junkie. We have no fear of roller coasters whatsoever. Public speaking or random talking to strangers can send both her and myself into a Class A Panic Attack. Continue Reading

Introvert Working From Home Pitfalls

How To Avoid Slipping Further Into Your Introvert’s Shell I recently read a post by Ben Taylor on homeworkingclub.comĀ about the benefits and challenges of an introvert working from home. I really appreciated Ben’s candor about his personal struggles with anxiety, and it inspired me to share my own experience. Before Continue Reading

Judging A Book You Thought Was Judging You

Today I ventured into Home Depot with my kids… not a very anxiety inducing experience unless of course, I’m looking for anything that isn’t paint, garden supplies, or a drawer pull. Today, it was pipe fittings in my cross hairs. I’ve purchased other out of my comfort zone items previously Continue Reading

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