This Shrinking Violet Is Fighting To Bloom

The Violet In The Field When I realized one of my favorite singers would be in my area this summer at FloydFest, I jumped at the chance. I hadn’t been to a concert in nearly a decade. But, this was no ordinary venue, and Tyler Childers is no ordinary artist. Continue Reading


The Little Thing About Opinion Guilt

Social anxiety can make its messy presence known in a myriad of ways through the course of the day. No bigger way does it rear its ugly head than during a heated conversation between two or more passionate people. Perhaps the more unfortunate type of personality combinations is the socially Continue Reading

A Birthday Party Survival Guide For The Socially Anxious Mom

For most moms, a year does not pass without receiving at least a handful of birthday party invitations. Upon receipt of said invitation, the kids virtually swell up with excitement anticipating the big event. And why wouldn’t they? These two-hours of cake-filled playtime chaos is enough to send any kid Continue Reading

Link Of The Week

You Are Worthy. by Andrea Martin

Fighting Fear on the 4th of July

I walked with my arm around her, repeating the mantra that no one was looking at her, that she didn’t stick out, that she looked like everyone else, that we were just another family in the crowd

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