Link Of The Week

Each week I’ll repost an image, a meme, an article or a post that seems to me really speaks to people like me with social anxiety. I’d love your suggestions!

April 22nd Link Of The Week

The Mighty’s People Are Sharing the ‘Weirdest’ Things They’ve Done Because of Social Anxiety

“I was at the mall, not intending to spend much money at all. I was by myself and I tried to avoid all of those annoying mall salesmen that desperately try to bring you over to their booths…. Well, I looked at one of them and…. Ended up spending over 100 dollars on a nail-kit because I was too anxious to say no.” — nooneislucky

April 10th, 2019 Link Of The Week

Exposed by Vivian Olsen

For many, this is what social anxiety feels like… like you’re constantly exposed for all the world to see.

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