Book Review: The Solution To Social Anxiety

by Dr. Aziz Gazipura One way to coach yourself is to consciously practice giving yourself support, encouragement, and praise—S.E.P.—frequently throughout the day. The self-critical propaganda campaign is running on multiple fronts throughout the day and night. For the S.E.P. campaign to take hold, we must actively remind ourselves about The Continue Reading


Finding Your Walter Mitty

One of my go-to movies, you know – the feel good kind, is The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. If you haven’t seen it, Walter is a deeply moving character who lives the life of a wallflower. He is a wallflower both personally and in his job as photo developer at Continue Reading

The Movie Every Anxious Child Should Watch

I had the good fortune a few months back of being able to attend a screening of the Indie Flix movie called Angst. It focuses on children with anxiety of all kinds, and what a day in their shoes feels like. It’s a documentary featuring a wide range of brave Continue Reading

Going Head To Head With Anxiety: a companion’s guide

Socializing is not what most moms with social anxiety would call their top priority. But, there are times when they know it’s necessary – necessary for their kids, necessary for their significant others, and necessary for their own mental health. These are the times effective coping with social anxiety must Continue Reading

Anxiety Spaghetti

People like me, who have high social anxiety may feel like they are being watched and being judged, even though they know that’s not the case. They are typical SAD’ers.

Avoidance Got The Best Of Me

I’m posting again after avoiding my blog for nearly five months. I can say my other freelance writing work got in the way. I can blame it on my family obligations, too. But, the truth is I freaked out, and practiced some major avoidance. Blogging can be a scary thing, Continue Reading

Dear Extrovert, I love you.

In this latest instance, it was two mothers who nearly cornered me in the pool and proceeded to excitedly chit chat for the next ten minutes with me about everyday things like sunblock, water toys, and the fiscally predatory nature of our local Target store. 

Panic At The Playground

As soon as the words “Mommy can we stay and play at the playground,” a cold dread hits my chest.

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